coupons for Mother's Day Coupon Codes and Other Budget Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, but you know what holiday comes next that people tend to forget about? I mean Easter, yes, but nobody forgets that one. Okay then Arbor Day is next and nobody know what to do with that. But I was referring to Mother’s Day. So let’s be smart about it this year, let’s start thinking well in advance. I have some coupon codes that are going to make it a snap.

Coupon Codes for

It’s been a tough year for all of us, I don’t know about you but my gift-giving budget has been dramatically reduced from previous years. But, I wouldn’t be the Coupon Diva if I wasn’t great at bargain hunting, and I recently came across these coupons. You could approach this two ways as a Mother’s Day gift. If you think that your mom would enjoy doing the research and looking into your family history then you can purchase her a gift membership. The website allows you to do that, and as a bonus they typically have a sale around Mother’s Day.

On the other hand if you think that your mom would be interested in learning about the family tree but wouldn’t particularly enjoy the research process or maybe doesn’t have time for it then you could do it yourself and sign up for a membership with a promo code. If you want to get creative you could make an art project out of the family tree and then present it to her as her Mother’s Day gift. Maybe you could even get your siblings or a couple of other family members to help out.

Use coupon codes at for a Mother's Day gift

Handmade Gifts

I know we’ve all seen the “Why buy it at Walmart for $7.99 when I can make it myself for $93 worth of craft supplies?” meme, but when it comes to gifts for mom handmade can be a lot more special than a ‘Worlds Best Mom’ mug that you got at the dollar store. And you don’t have to spend a ton of cash either. Mugs are a great gift, and you can usually find a ‘decorate your own’ kit for less than $30. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a good artist, the fact that you put in the effort is more important than the finished product. If it makes reference to a special memory you two share or something fun you did together it will definitely put a smile on her face whenever she sees it.

If you’re really on a tight budget you probably at least have some paper and coloured pens or pencils lying around you could use to make a unique card. Also the above mentioned dollar store is a great place to get some cheap craft supplies. Don’t stress too much about it being ‘good’, focus more on making it specific to her. Even if she doesn’t appreciate you art skills, she will appreciate the effort.

Cook Her a Meal

This lady has been making sure you don’t starve for years and years, I can guarantee she would absolutely love for you to make her a meal for once. It doesn’t have to be fancy or anything, and it’s pretty tough to screw up spaghetti even if you’re not a regular chef. If you really don’t know how to make anything beyond instant noodles and frozen dinners then I would suggest getting some takeout from her favourite restaurant, and then looking up some Youtube videos on basic cooking skills because that is not a healthy diet.

Whether you cook or get something from a restaurant make it a special meal. Put the food on nice plates, put some music on, get a bottle of her favourite wine if she drinks it. You should also tidy the house up first, you can put in some extra effort for one night for the woman who gave you life.

Clean Out & Wash Her Car

This is another great idea that won’t cost you anything. May is usually warm and sunny in most places around the country so break out the hose and bucket and get to work detailing that car. Most of us in North America spend a fair amount of time driving places, especially if we live in the suburbs. It’s just more pleasant if you can spend that time in a clean and tidy vehicle.

If your mom doesn’t drive or already has an immaculate vehicle then you could take care of some other chores for her. Clean the house, mow the lawn, clean out the gutters, fix a leaky faucet for her, or any number of other tasks around the house. It doesn’t cost you a dime (unless you need some repair supplies) and she will appreciate you taking one more task off of her hands.

Be creative, it’s not about spending money!

The bottom line is you can come up with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Use your noggin, use coupon codes, and you’ll be able to put a big smile on your moms face come Mother’s Day.

order chocolate online

Best Places to Order Chocolate Online!

The best thing about online chocolate delivery is how portable chocolate is. Unlike groceries or other perishables, well-packed chocolate can be sent by mail pretty quickly. And who doesn’t love opening a package to discover that it’s chocolate?!!

Also, it opens up a world of gourmet, artisanal chocolates that far beyond anything you’ll find at your local convenience store. And these chocolatiers also offer creative displays to make nearly any occasion.

1. Hotel Chocolat (In The U.K.)

For sweets lovers in the United Kingdom, Hotel Chocolat is a famously amazing chocolate company that owns its own cacao farm! And for everyone else, they also ship worldwide at very budget-friendly prices. You can also save money by using a Hotel Chocolat discount code on your order.

2. Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s candy bar offers sumptuous chocolates and candies in bulk. They tend to cater to people throwing parties, like birthday parties and bridal showers, as opposed to an individual at home looking for super high-quality chocolate to satisfy their cravings.

View their offerings here:

3. Postsweets

postsweets subscription box

From, Postsweets is a subscription box that sends you snacks from across the world to your door every month! You can choose from licorice lovers to childhood favorites to international explorers (for the more adventurous). The boxes both come in classic and deluxe (i.e. more expensive).


4. Godiva

You know the name. The famous chocolatier will ship to you or you can pick up orders in-store. They are offering chocolate-covered pretzels, truffles and more.

5. See’s Candies

Amazing chocolate and candy makes great gifts as well as collections for special occasions. They have a ‘game day’ spread that’s chocolate treats shaped like footballs and helmets. How cute is that?


You can order nearly anything your heart (and stomach) desires: vanilla nougat caramel bar, rye whiskey chocolate bar, bark in the dark, a s’more candy bar, and more. curates the best chocolate gift boxes available and makes it easy to to sort by dietary restrictions and particular desires: i.e. spicy, single-origin, unusual, etc.

7. Vosges Haut Chocolat

This is elegant chocolate at its finest: order gift boxes, including ‘cacao wellness’ boxes, and get free shipping on your order of $149. Get started on what their website says is ‘experiential chocolate’. Website:

best courses

Best Free Online Classes

Out list of the top free (or low-cost) online courses:

Whether you’re looking to brush up your skills, take classes from top universities, or take an online ged prep class, there are tons of great options available. These new skills could get you promoted, or allow you to start a career in a field that you’re more interested in.

Because there are so many online classes, you get to choose which ones you want: do you want a live online class or a pre-recorded video course? Some offer certificates you can hang on your wall. We’ve assembled the best 13 classes offered.

1. Codecademy for Javascript

Codecademy teaches, you guessed it, coding for beginner to advanced. Most of their coding classes are free, although they do offer a Codecademy Pro membership for $19.99/month that offers peer support, members-only content and certificates of completion. While $20/month can be pricey, you can use a Codecademy discount code to save on costs.

2. iTunes U

All the iTunes U courses are free and offers classes from top universities like Stanford, MIT, University of Tokyo, and more. In addition to offering free online college classes for students, instructors can use iTunes U to create worksheets, see how many class videos students have watched, and more.

3. EDX

EDX gives you the ability to earn a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University! There are courses in popular computer science subjects like html, C programming, blockchain, python, full stack development, and more. Universities like Harvard, MIT and Berkeley all offer free online courses through While there are paid courses on EDX, these courses and programs are a lot more affordable than their on-campus counterparts.

4. Pluralsight

Sharp your web design, software development and cyber security skills by taking courses on Pluralsight. Most courses are free with trial, although the annual subscription fee is reasonable.

5. Udemy

The website has tens of thousands of online courses, but there are lots of free courses available as well. Check out everything from tech skills to productivity to even personal growth and wellness in the Udemy Free Resource Center: As their free courses resource changes, click to view what classes are available and what topics are being spotlighted.

6. Alison

Alison is another website that lets you take free online classes, but the focus also includes marketing, business & lifestyle. You can learn about SEO (search engine optimization), e-mail marketing, and more.

7. Skillshare

Want to learn to draw? Or are you curious about the fundamentals of DSLR photography? Skillshare has a multitude of classes and courses on nearly everything.


Setting up an account with is completely free. It gives you resources to help you prepare for the GED test, and then when you’re ready to take the test, you can book a time to take the examination at an official test center.


9. Coursera

One of the most popular class websites that offers nearly everything under the sun. There are great free courses curated by Coursera from John Hopkins, Yale, Stanford and more. You can take a course on machine learning, the financial markets, or even the science of well-being.

how to save money on tires

7 Ways To Save Money on Tires.

Save a Dollar: Get Some Tires.

If you drive then you need tires for your vehicle. Tires are probably the most important part of your vehicle. If you think about it tires are the only part of the car that actually touches the road. The rest is windows, engine and radio… No seriously, tires are the most important part of the vehicle. It comes down to the tires on the road that make it possible to move and go where you need to go safely.

Most people don’t think about the tires much until one goes flat, and this is unfortunate. The reason we don’t think of tires very much is because they are always doing their job, faithfully. I’ve had tires for years and never worried about a thing until they went flat or just wore out. I was lucky: I used to have a race-car. The tires were very important to the car. They needed to grip the road surface as best they could. Traction means speed. Let’s not forget about safety. I’ve had a blowout at top speed and let me tell you, it is no fun. Your life will flash before your eyes as you are trying to keep control of your car.

You then realize the importance of good quality tires. Tires can be expensive, so let’s look at some ways to reduce that cost. You can keep your tight budget under control, and still get a quality set of tires for your vehicle.

1. Wait For Tire Deals To Come in the Mail

Tire companies will run sales on tires many times through the year. These are usually around the change of the seasons. Coupons will start showing up in your mailbox and adds on T.V. The buy 3 get one free is a good one. It’s kinda catchy. If you’re signed up on a tire company’s email list, then you’ll likely get some of these same promotions into your inbox around the same time.

2. Shop Around For Different Brands

Look for a different brand of tire also. This can save you some money and still get you a good set of tires. Years ago we used to be able to get a reduced price on new tires if you were willing to take the “blems”. Blems are just what they mean, blemishes. You can guarantee a good set of tires based on the rating system that is on each tire. Most people don’t know this system. It will help you to determine the quality of tire for the price you are spending for it. The three T’s is the grading system. Traction, treadwear, and temperature. These factors will determine what you are getting as far as quality.

3. Buy During Off-Peak Times.

The peak times for car sales are around the times you might need tires also. The change of seasons is what will spawn tire sales. This is a good time, the tire dealers are in step with the markets and planning sales and doing promotions on T.V. This is an opportune time to go haggle with the cost of tires.

Your local T.V. station will start running adds for tire sales and coupons will start filling your mailbox. Look in the paper and online to see when the sale starts. This can be a lucrative way to spend and control personal finance. Keep an eye out for local advertising on radio also. It will be easy to find a good deal.

4. Ask The Salesman About ‘Blems’.

Now, back in the day there were tires that were called “blems”. This simply meant that a tire had a bad spot or a letter was still black while all the others were white. The overall tire quality was not an issue. Just the physical appearance was the problem. I used to get really good quality prices from a guy who knew a guy who.. you know. However I learned later in life that all I had to do was ask the salesman on the floor and he would see what he had. It pays to ask. Trust me. iracing promo code

How Tires are Graded:

different grades of tires

Now we have looked at some ways to reduce the personal finance burden on ourselves. Let’s look at the tire rating system that will ensure we are getting a quality tire no matter what the price comes out to be. Remember, your tires are an important part of your car. It’s probably not really a good idea to buy cheap tires for your car. However, getting good safe tires at a cheap price is what we are trying to accomplish. Let’s look at how tires are graded and judged. This way you can make an informed decision on your choice of tires.

Traction, Treadwear, and Temperature are the three main grading components of modern day tires.

Traction on tires is on an A thru C scale. A is the best. Traction is measured by the ability to stop under wet conditions. In other words, how well can you stop before the tire breaks hold and slides. The traction rating does not however measure how well you can take turns and handling in general. There are other factors that play into handling. Like the height of the tire, or sidewall, and conditions of the road.

Treadwear is basically how long will the tire last with good tread left on it. Grades are 100 thru 700(higher is better). This rating is controlled by the tire manufacturer so it can vary between companies. There are also factors that include road conditions, driving habits, and climate. However this rating still gives you a reference point on which to make a reasonable judgement.

Temperature is the grade that a tire will dissipate and resist heating up under certain conditions. The scale is A thru C. A the coolest running and C the hottest running. Again, there are conditions involved like tire pressure and amount of weight on the tire. All this information will allow you to make a safe and informed decision on your next purchase of tires.

free and cheap activities to do with kids

10 Cheap & Free Things To Do with Kids

Kid-Friendly…Plus Free & Cheap!

There is so much fun stuff and exciting things to do with kids. It will simply amaze you to see the options available. This makes good business sense to provide healthy activities that are geared for children at reduced, or free, rates. This is a great business model. It allows parents to get the kids out and doing things while not destroying their budget. Plus, it allows monies to be spent on amenities that they saved from admission costs. This is a win/win situation for everyone involved. The list of participating businesses and community organizations is overwhelming.

You could literally have an adventure/activity every single weekend this summer. This is the perfect time of year to start to put together a plan of action. You know how kids can get in the summer. “Mom..I’m bored” is a common theme that blows through the warm winds of summer. So, be proactive and have activities scheduled and gear ready to go. It will make planning things easier and that means less stress on you. Which means less summer anxiety for the kids. All this combines to create fun, and healthy, activities that the whole family will enjoy.

1. Local Parks and Trails

free family friendly activities

Going to the park is always a kid-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy. The local park system is always providing opportunities to get families to visit their parks. Reduced children fares are common with some fees removed completely. The adventures possible in the local park are endless. Simple fun stuff to do. Throw a frisbee, ball, or go hiking. Fishing is always fun. Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch for under the shade tree. Spending time together as a family unit is the healthy outcome.


2. Treasure Hunting

flea markets

Treasure hunting is always fun and inexpensive and the reward is priceless. There are many ways to hunt treasure. The best way is just looking for it. Go for a walk and look down. You never know what you might find. I’m wearing a $300 necklace I found, laying on the sidewalk, while walking to a local park. Geocaching is a common, fun way to find treasures that are buried for people to find by people. The local Goodwill store, or flea market affords great treasure hunting. Don’t forget garage sales.

3. Reading a Good Book

How about a good book for summer. I remember reading in the summer while spending time in Maryland. It was a story I’ll never forget. There are all sorts of reading programs for kids. Barnes and Nobles has a program that offers a free book. Your local library always has some type of healthy reading program to get involved in. Even your Chuck E Cheese’s has a reading program. Pizza and books.. Now, that’s awesome.

4. Community Camps with the Salvation Army.

Your community Salvation Army is offering summer camps for kids. The time spent at a summer camp is never forgotten. There are many different themes to choose from. There is sport camp that allows kids to get active. Music camps that offer training and practice in the art of music, and of course an adventure camp. Most of the after-school and overnight camps are free. Other camps are economically attractive also. This is healthy character building time socializing with their peers.

5. Summer Matinee Movies.

Summer movies are available also. Regal Cinemas is offering $1 movies on scheduled days. These are available in limited areas so, check on participation. Even movie days at home are fun when it’s really hot outside. Make some snacks and get set for a day of movie magic. Play games to get points to pick the movie. Again this is interactive time spent together, this is healthy time.

6. Building Workshops At Your Local Hardware Store.

Some local hardware stores have kid themed building workshops. These are designed to familiarize children to tools and building ideas. These are free and a lot of fun, for everyone. The hardware store has lots of materials for kid-friendly projects for around the home and garden.

7. The Zoo

Your local Zoo is always a hit with the kids. The Washington D.C. Zoo is free year round and offers a whole day of fun. The Panda exhibit is a must see. Gorillas to Zebras this Zoo has so much to see and do. This is a beautiful national Zoo everyone should see. Parking is both free and at cost. Either way it is well worth it.

8. Volunteering

Free time in the summer means volunteer time. There are so many local opportunities to help out and volunteer. There is a need for young people to get involved. Volunteering is a healthy team sport we all should play. Go to and see what volunteer opportunities/adventures await you and your crew of kids.

9. Summer Camping at Bass Pro Shops.

Your local Bass Pro Shops has free summer camp days that are kid themed throughout the summer. Call for schedule. This includes learning how to fish. Completely free arts and craft and healthy interactive time. It’s always fun at the Bass Pro Shops.

10. Computer Workshops.

The computer can provide many days of interactive learning and opportunities for growth through summer. Many parents allow their children to go stagnant during summer. This is not a healthy choice. Your computer can provide plenty of stimulation that kids need to grow intellectually. Microsoft stores offer programming and code workshops for kids ages 6 and up. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach kids that computers are not just game consoles. Lego’s even has free downloadable instructions that will teach kids how to create new designs out of their old Lego blocks. All this healthy learning opportunities create sharper young minds.

Now that your summer is planned with plenty of affordable, healthy learning opportunities for the kids, what’s left for you to do? Why not relax, sit back and realize the advantage you are giving your children this summer. Good Parents are allowed to do that. Enjoy your summer.

free books for kids by mail

How To Get Free Books For Kids By Mail

Reading books to your child at a young age is a great way to make sure that they grow up loving to learn and read. But getting books for your child can be difficult. You not only have to find a book that your child is going to love, but you have to make sure it is at the right level for your child’s age. You don’t want to read a book meant for 7 year olds to your 3 year old, they don’t understand it. So, here are a couple of great ways that you can get free (and discounted) books, that your kids will love and understand, delivered right to your door.

1. A Reading Program

reading programs for children

The first way you can get free or discounted books for your kids? A reading program. There are a lot of different reading programs out there that will allow your child to receive free books every month.

These programs are meant to help kids learn how to read and write, so it’s perfect for any parent who wishes for their child to be above their grade in reading. Barnes and Noble offers a child who has read 8 books, 1 free book. And TD bank is giving $10 dollars to any child who reads 10 books. Find a program like this for your little one, and you can end up with many books for free.

Learn more here:

2. Your Local Library

local library for kids

Your local library might have free books for you. There are a lot of times when books get donated to the library and the library either doesn’t have room for them, or doesn’t approve of the condition that the book is in. If the library is refusing to accept a donation book, they give them out for free. Stop by your local library to see if they have any books that they are giving away, you can get your hands on them and have some free books for yourself and your children to read through.

PJ Library:

PJ Library sends out free books to Jewish kids. If you are a Jewish family and you are looking for a fun and friendly book for your child, you can sign them up for the book program with PJ Library and you will receive some free books right to your home. These books will teach your children about traditions all while making it fun and teaching them how to read.

3. Book Banks

book banks

These are programs that allow parents and book loving individuals to come down and pick out a book. The unfortunate thing about this setup, it is only in a few select areas across America. You can look online to see if there is a Book bank near you, but if there isn’t, you might want to consider talking to your local neighborhood to get one started. It doesn’t take a lot to put together and everyone will get some great benefits out of it.

4. Book exchanges or Book Swapping.

This is something that is fun for any parents. Everyone is teaching their child in a different way, and they want to make sure that they have all of the resources that they need to do that. So, some parents go around and swap books with other parents. If your child loves Clifford and your neighbor’s child loves the Magic School Bus, you could trade books and you’ll both win in this situation. You can talk to the parents at school, the local library, or on an online forum. There is surely someone in your area or around your area that is willing to swap books.

5. BookBub and Other Free eBook Sites.

If you are not against digital books, there are plenty of places online that offer you free ebooks and downloadable books. if your child is old enough to read something on the computer or on your tablet, then this might be a great option. It will keep them entertained because it is on a device, they will not get distracted turning the pages, and they can never lose their place in the book after losing a bookmark because the device keeps track for them.

6. Imagination Library

And finally, Imagination Library. This is a book program created and run by Dolly Parton. She has put together this program so that families who want to get books for their kids but, for reasons unknown, they can’t. It is a truly amazing program.

You put in your child’s name and date of birth, it goes from the time they are born up to 7 years of age, and you will start to get books monthly.

The books that are sent out will relate to the age that your child is. If you have a toddler, you will receive a lot of counting and shapes books. If you have an older kid, you will receive more chapter books. This is the best way to get free books, they are delivered right to your door every single month, and your child will love every book that they get. And if you sign up your child from the time they are born, you will receive a new book every month until they are 7 years old, so this program will grow with your child and they will never be without something to read.

There are many ways to get free books, but if you want something you can rely on, try out these methods. They might not all come straight to your mailbox, but they are very reliable ways to get free and discounted books. And when you are finished when the books you get, you can pass them down to the next child or a friend who is looking for books for their child. It’s a win-win situation.