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Best Free Online Classes

Out list of the top free (or low-cost) online courses:

Whether you’re looking to brush up your skills, take classes from top universities, or take an online ged prep class, there are tons of great options available. These new skills could get you promoted, or allow you to start a career in a field that you’re more interested in.

Because there are so many online classes, you get to choose which ones you want: do you want a live online class or a pre-recorded video course? Some offer certificates you can hang on your wall. We’ve assembled the best 13 classes offered.

1. Codecademy for Javascript

Codecademy teaches, you guessed it, coding for beginner to advanced. Most of their coding classes are free, although they do offer a Codecademy Pro membership for $19.99/month that offers peer support, members-only content and certificates of completion. While $20/month can be pricey, you can use a Codecademy discount code to save on costs.

2. iTunes U

All the iTunes U courses are free and offers classes from top universities like Stanford, MIT, University of Tokyo, and more. In addition to offering free online college classes for students, instructors can use iTunes U to create worksheets, see how many class videos students have watched, and more.

3. EDX

EDX gives you the ability to earn a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University! There are courses in popular computer science subjects like html, C programming, blockchain, python, full stack development, and more. Universities like Harvard, MIT and Berkeley all offer free online courses through While there are paid courses on EDX, these courses and programs are a lot more affordable than their on-campus counterparts.

4. Pluralsight

Sharp your web design, software development and cyber security skills by taking courses on Pluralsight. Most courses are free with trial, although the annual subscription fee is reasonable.

5. Udemy

The website has tens of thousands of online courses, but there are lots of free courses available as well. Check out everything from tech skills to productivity to even personal growth and wellness in the Udemy Free Resource Center: As their free courses resource changes, click to view what classes are available and what topics are being spotlighted.

6. Alison

Alison is another website that lets you take free online classes, but the focus also includes marketing, business & lifestyle. You can learn about SEO (search engine optimization), e-mail marketing, and more.

7. Skillshare

Want to learn to draw? Or are you curious about the fundamentals of DSLR photography? Skillshare has a multitude of classes and courses on nearly everything.


Setting up an account with is completely free. It gives you resources to help you prepare for the GED test, and then when you’re ready to take the test, you can book a time to take the examination at an official test center.


9. Coursera

One of the most popular class websites that offers nearly everything under the sun. There are great free courses curated by Coursera from John Hopkins, Yale, Stanford and more. You can take a course on machine learning, the financial markets, or even the science of well-being.