how to save money on tires

7 Ways To Save Money on Tires.

Save a Dollar: Get Some Tires.

If you drive then you need tires for your vehicle. Tires are probably the most important part of your vehicle. If you think about it tires are the only part of the car that actually touches the road. The rest is windows, engine and radio… No seriously, tires are the most important part of the vehicle. It comes down to the tires on the road that make it possible to move and go where you need to go safely.

Most people don’t think about the tires much until one goes flat, and this is unfortunate. The reason we don’t think of tires very much is because they are always doing their job, faithfully. I’ve had tires for years and never worried about a thing until they went flat or just wore out. I was lucky: I used to have a race-car. The tires were very important to the car. They needed to grip the road surface as best they could. Traction means speed. Let’s not forget about safety. I’ve had a blowout at top speed and let me tell you, it is no fun. Your life will flash before your eyes as you are trying to keep control of your car.

You then realize the importance of good quality tires. Tires can be expensive, so let’s look at some ways to reduce that cost. You can keep your tight budget under control, and still get a quality set of tires for your vehicle.

1. Wait For Tire Deals To Come in the Mail

Tire companies will run sales on tires many times through the year. These are usually around the change of the seasons. Coupons will start showing up in your mailbox and adds on T.V. The buy 3 get one free is a good one. It’s kinda catchy. If you’re signed up on a tire company’s email list, then you’ll likely get some of these same promotions into your inbox around the same time.

2. Shop Around For Different Brands

Look for a different brand of tire also. This can save you some money and still get you a good set of tires. Years ago we used to be able to get a reduced price on new tires if you were willing to take the “blems”. Blems are just what they mean, blemishes. You can guarantee a good set of tires based on the rating system that is on each tire. Most people don’t know this system. It will help you to determine the quality of tire for the price you are spending for it. The three T’s is the grading system. Traction, treadwear, and temperature. These factors will determine what you are getting as far as quality.

3. Buy During Off-Peak Times.

The peak times for car sales are around the times you might need tires also. The change of seasons is what will spawn tire sales. This is a good time, the tire dealers are in step with the markets and planning sales and doing promotions on T.V. This is an opportune time to go haggle with the cost of tires.

Your local T.V. station will start running adds for tire sales and coupons will start filling your mailbox. Look in the paper and online to see when the sale starts. This can be a lucrative way to spend and control personal finance. Keep an eye out for local advertising on radio also. It will be easy to find a good deal.

4. Ask The Salesman About ‘Blems’.

Now, back in the day there were tires that were called “blems”. This simply meant that a tire had a bad spot or a letter was still black while all the others were white. The overall tire quality was not an issue. Just the physical appearance was the problem. I used to get really good quality prices from a guy who knew a guy who.. you know. However I learned later in life that all I had to do was ask the salesman on the floor and he would see what he had. It pays to ask. Trust me. iracing promo code

How Tires are Graded:

different grades of tires

Now we have looked at some ways to reduce the personal finance burden on ourselves. Let’s look at the tire rating system that will ensure we are getting a quality tire no matter what the price comes out to be. Remember, your tires are an important part of your car. It’s probably not really a good idea to buy cheap tires for your car. However, getting good safe tires at a cheap price is what we are trying to accomplish. Let’s look at how tires are graded and judged. This way you can make an informed decision on your choice of tires.

Traction, Treadwear, and Temperature are the three main grading components of modern day tires.

Traction on tires is on an A thru C scale. A is the best. Traction is measured by the ability to stop under wet conditions. In other words, how well can you stop before the tire breaks hold and slides. The traction rating does not however measure how well you can take turns and handling in general. There are other factors that play into handling. Like the height of the tire, or sidewall, and conditions of the road.

Treadwear is basically how long will the tire last with good tread left on it. Grades are 100 thru 700(higher is better). This rating is controlled by the tire manufacturer so it can vary between companies. There are also factors that include road conditions, driving habits, and climate. However this rating still gives you a reference point on which to make a reasonable judgement.

Temperature is the grade that a tire will dissipate and resist heating up under certain conditions. The scale is A thru C. A the coolest running and C the hottest running. Again, there are conditions involved like tire pressure and amount of weight on the tire. All this information will allow you to make a safe and informed decision on your next purchase of tires.