free and cheap activities to do with kids

10 Cheap & Free Things To Do with Kids

Kid-Friendly…Plus Free & Cheap!

There is so much fun stuff and exciting things to do with kids. It will simply amaze you to see the options available. This makes good business sense to provide healthy activities that are geared for children at reduced, or free, rates. This is a great business model. It allows parents to get the kids out and doing things while not destroying their budget. Plus, it allows monies to be spent on amenities that they saved from admission costs. This is a win/win situation for everyone involved. The list of participating businesses and community organizations is overwhelming.

You could literally have an adventure/activity every single weekend this summer. This is the perfect time of year to start to put together a plan of action. You know how kids can get in the summer. “Mom..I’m bored” is a common theme that blows through the warm winds of summer. So, be proactive and have activities scheduled and gear ready to go. It will make planning things easier and that means less stress on you. Which means less summer anxiety for the kids. All this combines to create fun, and healthy, activities that the whole family will enjoy.

1. Local Parks and Trails

free family friendly activities

Going to the park is always a kid-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy. The local park system is always providing opportunities to get families to visit their parks. Reduced children fares are common with some fees removed completely. The adventures possible in the local park are endless. Simple fun stuff to do. Throw a frisbee, ball, or go hiking. Fishing is always fun. Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch for under the shade tree. Spending time together as a family unit is the healthy outcome.


2. Treasure Hunting

flea markets

Treasure hunting is always fun and inexpensive and the reward is priceless. There are many ways to hunt treasure. The best way is just looking for it. Go for a walk and look down. You never know what you might find. I’m wearing a $300 necklace I found, laying on the sidewalk, while walking to a local park. Geocaching is a common, fun way to find treasures that are buried for people to find by people. The local Goodwill store, or flea market affords great treasure hunting. Don’t forget garage sales.

3. Reading a Good Book

How about a good book for summer. I remember reading in the summer while spending time in Maryland. It was a story I’ll never forget. There are all sorts of reading programs for kids. Barnes and Nobles has a program that offers a free book. Your local library always has some type of healthy reading program to get involved in. Even your Chuck E Cheese’s has a reading program. Pizza and books.. Now, that’s awesome.

4. Community Camps with the Salvation Army.

Your community Salvation Army is offering summer camps for kids. The time spent at a summer camp is never forgotten. There are many different themes to choose from. There is sport camp that allows kids to get active. Music camps that offer training and practice in the art of music, and of course an adventure camp. Most of the after-school and overnight camps are free. Other camps are economically attractive also. This is healthy character building time socializing with their peers.

5. Summer Matinee Movies.

Summer movies are available also. Regal Cinemas is offering $1 movies on scheduled days. These are available in limited areas so, check on participation. Even movie days at home are fun when it’s really hot outside. Make some snacks and get set for a day of movie magic. Play games to get points to pick the movie. Again this is interactive time spent together, this is healthy time.

6. Building Workshops At Your Local Hardware Store.

Some local hardware stores have kid themed building workshops. These are designed to familiarize children to tools and building ideas. These are free and a lot of fun, for everyone. The hardware store has lots of materials for kid-friendly projects for around the home and garden.

7. The Zoo

Your local Zoo is always a hit with the kids. The Washington D.C. Zoo is free year round and offers a whole day of fun. The Panda exhibit is a must see. Gorillas to Zebras this Zoo has so much to see and do. This is a beautiful national Zoo everyone should see. Parking is both free and at cost. Either way it is well worth it.

8. Volunteering

Free time in the summer means volunteer time. There are so many local opportunities to help out and volunteer. There is a need for young people to get involved. Volunteering is a healthy team sport we all should play. Go to and see what volunteer opportunities/adventures await you and your crew of kids.

9. Summer Camping at Bass Pro Shops.

Your local Bass Pro Shops has free summer camp days that are kid themed throughout the summer. Call for schedule. This includes learning how to fish. Completely free arts and craft and healthy interactive time. It’s always fun at the Bass Pro Shops.

10. Computer Workshops.

The computer can provide many days of interactive learning and opportunities for growth through summer. Many parents allow their children to go stagnant during summer. This is not a healthy choice. Your computer can provide plenty of stimulation that kids need to grow intellectually. Microsoft stores offer programming and code workshops for kids ages 6 and up. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach kids that computers are not just game consoles. Lego’s even has free downloadable instructions that will teach kids how to create new designs out of their old Lego blocks. All this healthy learning opportunities create sharper young minds.

Now that your summer is planned with plenty of affordable, healthy learning opportunities for the kids, what’s left for you to do? Why not relax, sit back and realize the advantage you are giving your children this summer. Good Parents are allowed to do that. Enjoy your summer.